The problem:

Hi, i'm using Windows XP and i'm having some serious problems i somehow had in
Linux but never at this extent, so far i tried with builds 2.8.2 and 2.8.4 , the
Canvas doesn't seem to redraw properly when panned or zoomed, any of the drawing
tools have a delay between the tracing and the mouse/stylus movement,  the color
picker from the Color Dockable Dialog is unable to get any color from the screen
but black and in general the program feels slow, sometimes irresponsible despite
not taking more memory than PS do, these but the color picker were problems i
had in Linux too but in Windows these seem to have reached their worst

What i have tried so far:

-Different builds, the one from the Homepage, Partha's, Onkel's and some other
minor packers

-Cleaning the /.gimp directory, preferences and almost any other folder related
to gimp so it can start without interference from previous settings.

-browsing restless the internet, the best i could get was a thread talking about
Cairo library being the problem in some cases and that problem with the Color
Management  preference that doesn't make any difference.

-Testing with Gimp 2.6.11 only shows that Gimp does indeed run flawlessly in
Windows,  the only problem is that no Gimp Painter/Paint Studio is available for
Windows and windows positions aren't saved so Gimp always starts with floating
windows offscreen.

I'm too used to Gimp to use PS, and there are not good alternatives, Pinta or
Paint.NET won't do the work that Gimp does, i'm clueless on what i have to do or
were should i start as many people keep stating that Gimp 2.8.x runs fine on
Windows, yet i find it horribly slow and troublesome, even if clean installation
is present. any help would be great, greetings.

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