On 03/20/2013 07:08 PM, sonicbluegt wrote:
> Windows 7 64 home
> Gimp 2.8.4
> Import .svg file into gimp.. Image size 1024x1024 and smaller produces 
> aliasing.
> Any ideas?

Using the Import dialog to increase the size of the output image in
pixels - doubling it or more - greatly reduces "normal" aliasing
during the rendering process.  That's the "scalable" part of
"Scalable Vector Graphics" at work.

Sometimes it makes sense to export an SVG image as PNG from
Inkscape, and import the PNG into your GIMP XCF file in progress.

If you are seeing an abnormally large amount of aliasing I don't
know what might be causing that - but the above methods might help.



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