Thanks for the reply Steve!

I think maybe my problem wasn't communicated from my end correctly.

I have an SVG file generated with a native resolution of 2048x2048 in Vector
Magic.  In Inkscape, I can resize the image to be 1024x1024, zoom in, and it
"redraws" the image with no aliasing (as a vector should).

However, when I do the same in GIMP, it aliases, as though it's no longer a
vector and is drawn as a raster image instead.  I understand that GIMP is
raster-based.  I guess I was just thinking that when it "opens" a vector image,
that it's still in vector format instead of being rasterized.

The biggest red flag that led me to believe something wasn't working correctly
was when opening a vector in GIMP at a size of about 80x50 and all it produced
was an unrecognizable blob of pixels.  I feel as though I've been able to do
this in the past and it would produce a smooth image without aliasing.

What I'm trying to do is overlay a design onto another image without aliasing. 
What I'm ending up with, though, is no better (actually might be worse) than
just drawing the image in GIMP instead of importing a vectored  version of the
same graphic.

Is it possible I'm missing a plugin or something since I updated GIMP?  Would
installing Ghostscript or GFig on my machine solve my problem?  Or is it
possible that nothings wrong and I'm trying to do something that's just not

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