That's the standard error message to tell you the script failed. There is no 
more information available.

Chances are you have a typo in your script - a missing/extra parenthesis .

I recommend you take your problem over to one of the GIMP forums - 
or for preference, where you can post your code and get much 
quicker responses and things are so much easier.


Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2013 13:59:25 +0000
Subject: [Gimp-user] Batch mode: "batch command experienced an execution        

I can't get Batch Mode to work on Ubuntu 12.04. I follow the 
instructions in the tutorial:
But I get an error "batch command experienced an execution error". Even 
if I use --verbose there are no more details. Is there any way I can get 
a more detailed error log? (Or does anyone know what the problem is 
likely to be?)
If I just do "gimp -i -b '(gimp-quit 0)' then it successfully starts 
and exits.
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