I try to put an image from GIMP into an embedded system using export. The c
file created has a struct with width, height, bytes per pixel (bpp) and the
data of the image. The total length is width*height*bbp+1.  The bpp in
default to 4 by GIMP. I has tried but fail to find an explanation of how
the data is arranged. Can someone point me a direction?

In the very low level of pixel by pixel write to the display controller,
one usually repeat image pixel height lines, and each line would have
width/8 bytes times the bpp. Thus a 48x32 image, would have 24 bytes for
each line and there are 32 lines. I try this rule but the image does not
seem come out right.

A 4-bytes bpp seems to indicated that the there are 4G (256*256*256*256)
color but most embedded display can only do 64K color (256*256), I found a
function by web search to convert 4 bytes to 2 bytes but not sure the
formula would be correct?  Is there an authoritative answer to  this?

Any help is appreciated.


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