> <....>. I'm not sure how to save it as a new pattern.
> Can
> you help me with that?
You don't need anything complicated. Do it simple way:

When Your watermark is on separate layer, the easiest way is to copy
this layer to a new file and save it. Later You just:
1)open this file with "watermark" only,
2)select all and
3)copy to a new layer in files, You want to protect.
It's fast and effective solution. That's partly my way.
I don't care about opacity and mode so much - i adjust it every time
to get desired effect.

What is important: Your watermark will have some resolution and size.
When You'll get Your watermark in new file - crop it to eliminate
unnecessary space around.
While copying watermark as a new layer it's easier to position it or
resize when there's no unnecessary empty space around.

If You want to have slightly better "theft detterent":
Put some gradient, or any kind of changing tones on "watermark" image.
It's ugly but when You play with modes, and flatten watermarked
photography ... it is rather hard to undo.
For each photo You adjust mode and opacity individually (to reduce the
ugliness of watermark). Just forget that Gimp can remember mode and
opacity of a layer.

Good luck
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