Ofnuts wrote:

For photos, the best way to demonstrate ownership it to publish a
slightly cropped version and keep the full version for yourself (and
the courts, if necessary)

I am not a lawyer, but I understand that this may not be the best advice for users domiciled in the USA. US domiciled users may want to consider the what is written on page 7 about registration in copyright circular 1 published by the US copyright office. It states there that for while copyright is automatic in the US, for an action on copyright infringement to be considered in US federal courts, the copyright must be registered.

Now, registration costs money, but I understand that one can assemble all of one's photos for a year, burn them to a set of optical media, and copyright the whole collection, including it's individual contents, for a single fee.

Turning to the original question, what I would do is to create a new layer with the copyright text in it, where the text is a very dark gray, with an RGB value of, say, 080808. I would then change the mode to "subtract" in the layer dialog window, and merge the two layers together. If you want the watermark more visible, use a lighter gray, 0f0f0f, if less visible, use a smaller value: 040404, perhaps.


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