On 04/18/2013 04:31 PM, Kasim Ahmic wrote:
> Well here's what I managed to get done
> today: http://kasimahmic.koding.com/works/GIMPB/examples/carousel.html
> It's basically just a content swap. It still needs to be entirely
> restyled. Also, I found something out. If I change one of the classes,
> the body becomes fluid. The problem with that is the images (the
> browser icons on the page) and the text end up too far apart on the body.
> This is the exact reason why I chose to go for a static design. The
> mockup that Mike made doesn't exactly work with a fluid
> design unfortunately. Unless we come up with something different, I'm
> afraid we'll be stuck with a static design.
This should actually be fairly easy to deal with.  Either use the
"max-width" property to keep the content from getting spread out too
much and for browsers or user agents that display the page on a screen
that's not very wide, the content can scale down to fit that size.  The
benefits of a fluid layout are worth the relatively little effort to
make it work. 

You're making great progress!



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