Hello :)  I am new to this list, so hello all!  

My problem is this.  I consider myself an intermediate user of GIMP.  I know 
the basics, can do some fun stuff with it, but a lot of the program goes 
unused.  I have left the toolbox and stuff as it comes on a fresh install.  My 
problem is the "details" box I guess, is missing from the toolbox.  If I click 
on say, the paintbrush tool, I can change the shape of the tool, but not the 
size.  I used to be able to click to "paint under" and all sorts of neat stuff. 
 Now?  I can't change the size.  Using the text tool is like sending Morse code 
:)  I cannot just drop any dialogs where it says I'm supposed to be able to 

What I've done to try to fix this:

1. Uninstall and reinstall
2. Uninstall, shut down, unplug computer for 15 seconds, boot up, reinstall

Neither of these have worked.  I can't find a general place to seek help 
either, so when I found this, I jumped for joy - PLEASE - can anyone help me?

Thank you so much
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