Dear ”GIMP developer” - team,

I, Kristine Andrule, am a Masters student at the University of Aalborg. I am
studying towards a degree in Techno-anthropology and I am investigating user
informed product development. The aim is to use anthropological or ethnographic
study methods to conduct an investigation about how different users are acting
in the online environment as well as what kind of information developers can use
to improve their product. This anthropological project and article will be used
only for academic purposes as part of my semester project. I am very interested
in exploring GIMP Users.
I would like to observe This site from the point of view of the participant
observer and observe behavior in online forums, participate in the usage of the
homepage, interview the creators of the homepage and describe relations.

I would like to ask for your permission to spend time on the Scratch homepage as
an observer and interviewer. During this time I will write field notes of what
is happening, I will also write my reflections. I would like to talk with the
participants by posing forum topics, interviewing them through emails, chat
rooms and Skype, depending on what is more suitable for them.

I need to conduct this investigation within the following time-frame: from 24th
of April 2013 until 12th of May. All data that will be collected would only be
collected during this time-frame.
I sincerely apologise having to ask you accommodate my needs in respect of this
specific period of time.

I will give you assurance that I respect fully the rights of all involved and
promise that:
No names (only pseudonyms) of people, products, places or companies will be used
in my report.
No photos or screenshots will be taken. 

You and the participants can decline this invitation to take part and you can
ask to leave the study at any time. As a researcher I respect your rights.

I am excited about the services and products you supply and believe that my
investigation can be informative and interesting to you and I hope that you
share my interest.

If you have any queries about the study please approach Kristine Andrule (Emial: for further questions you may also contact my
supervisors Tue Thingaard (Tel. +45 30 33 22 30; Email: or
Kathrin Otrel-Cass (Tel. Tel. +45 21 17 06 68; Email:

Best wishes,
Kristine Andrule

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