When using command line gimp, is it possible to use *.jpg as the file name
to have it process ALL the JPEG files in a folder? I'm really actually
interested in a simple file format conversion with no image processing
applied, specifically svg2png conversion. I know Gimp can render svg and
can save png, and unlike the next best program ImageMagick, the Gimp
actually DOES NOT GLITCH the resulting image! So I've got a folder FULL OF
SVG FILES, and would like to be able to just type "gimp convert -i *.svg
-outputformat png" and have have it AUTOMATICALLY convert all my svg files
to png files. Is it possible to do this with such a simple and short
command line? I know the above exact example command line doesn't work,
cause I tried it. But is there some simillarly simple command line code I
could use with gimp to convert svg to png via rendering the svg and then
saving the image as a png?

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