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What goes beyond getting the SDK...which I've been told more then enough times
to get

I looked at a YouTube video about the Photoshop bridge. Based on what I saw you will need a plug-in for both DAZ Studio and GIMP. The two plug-ins need to be able to communicate with each other.

The GIMP plug-in needs to be able to obtain a list of textures available in the currently loaded DAZ scene, load the selected images in to GIMP, and have GIMP pass the modified image back to DAZ.

The main issue is working out the user interaction for the plug-ins. You need to work out how you will have the two programs communicate with each other to get the image list, and pass image data back and forth. You will have to learn how to use the SDK to issue commands to DAZ and get the data you need from the scent that you want to pass to GIMP.

That was as far as I looked at the bridge related videos. There was supposed to be a follow up video for more that you could do with the bridge but I didn't see that video as I couldn't find it.



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