Tobias, that's a sweet trick. Thanks!

Tobias Lunte <> wrote:

>  Am 03.05.2013 18:55, schrieb Keith Purtell:
>  A client has supplied a logo for Web display (PNG). The logo background
> is white and needs to become transparent. I've done this in GIMP no problem
> with simple graphics. However this one features design elements that cast a
> pale gray shadow onto the white background. Not sure how to make the
> transparent background play nice with the shadow area?
>  If it helps, the background color where this logo will be displayed is
> pale gray with a bit of blue tint.
> Use the fuzzy select tool (magic wand) to select the background. Then go
> to "select -> grow" and grow by 2 or 3 px to make sure all the antialised
> edges are within the selection, but make sure that no white part of the
> logo itself is selected. Now you can simply use "colours -> Colour to
> alpha" (change the colour in the tools menu to white if necessary) and it
> will perfectly extract the white from your background.
> bw,
> Tobias Lunte//Tobl
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