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>Dear GIMP users,
>As I have mentioned before in this forum, I would like to make small
>anthropological research of this forum. To do that I would appreciate
>if someone who participates in it would agree to have interview with
>me, about this forum and GIMP development.
>I have been GIMP user myself for 5 years now, though to make this
>research more depth I need other persons opinions too. I would
>appreciate both - developers and users interviews. Interview can be in
>any format you would like - emails, chat, Skype.
>I would appreciate very much if someone could spend few minutes their
>time and participate, I have very tight time limit for it.
>And unfortunately until now none has expressed their wish to
>All the participants will be kept anonymous! 
>Please write to me on kandr...@aau.student.dk
>This is the post I have posted before:
>Dear ”GIMP developer” - team,
>I, Kristine Andrule, am a Masters student at the University of
>Aalborg. I am studying towards a degree in Techno-anthropology and I
>am investigating user informed product development. The aim is to use
>anthropological or ethnographic study methods to conduct an
>investigation about how different users are acting in the online
>environment as well as what kind of information developers can use to
>improve their product. This anthropological project and article will
>be used only for academic purposes as part of my semester project. I
>am very interested in exploring GIMP Users. I would like to observe
>This site from the point of view of the participant observer and
>observe behavior in online forums, participate in the usage of the
>homepage, interview the creators of the homepage and describe
>I would like to ask for your permission to spend time on the GIMP
>homepage as an observer and interviewer. During this time I will write
>field notes of what is happening, I will also write my reflections. I
>would like to talk with the participants by posing forum topics,
>interviewing them through emails, chat rooms and Skype, depending on
>what is more suitable for them.
>I need to conduct this investigation within the following time-frame:
>from 24th of April 2013 until 12th of May. All data that will be
>collected would only be collected during this time-frame. I sincerely
>apologise having to ask you accommodate my needs in respect of this
>specific period of time.
>I will give you assurance that I respect fully the rights of all
>involved and promise that: No names (only pseudonyms) of people,
>products, places or companies will be used in my report. No photos or
>screenshots will be taken.
>You and the participants can decline this invitation to take part and
>you can ask to leave the study at any time. As a researcher I respect
>your rights.
>I am excited about the services and products you supply and believe
>that my investigation can be informative and interesting to you and I
>hope that you share my interest.
>If you have any queries about the study please approach Kristine
>Andrule (Emial: kandr...@student.aau.dk)

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