>Hey Richard,
>I don't know your exact problem, and the group might need details -
>especially your operating system ID - to figure this out, if the
>directons below do not work.  That said, here's a picture that might
>be worth 1,000 words:
>The menus shown are from GIMP 2.6 but I just took a look at 2.8 and
>found the same menus and options there.  Double click "Main Mouse
>Wheel" in the Active Controllers pane under Additional Input
>Controllers to bring up the configuration menu.
>Another thing I did when setting up GIMP 2.8 - not shown in the
>picture - is configure Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Scroll to:
>context-brush-hardness-increase-skip (for scroll up)
>context-brush-hardness-decrease-skip (for scroll down)

Hi there,

Thanks for your response. I'm currently running Windows 7 if that helps at all.
I attached a screenshot of my current key bindings for my main mouse wheel. I
believe I set thing up fine, but they're not working as indicated. Any extra
help would be nice!

I appreciate your effort.

* http://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/36/original/Screen.png

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