On 06/03/2013 10:32 PM, Helen wrote:
> I have an image with two rectangular photos, in separate layers.
> I want each photo to have a drop shadow.   No matter what I do,
> I keep getting the drop shadow applied to the entire image, not
> to the layers.  I've tried creating the drop shadow while on the
> individual layers, while on the background, I've tried it with
> layers selected -- regardless of what I do, the drop shadow
> keeps applying to the entire image.
> I used to know how to do this!
> Help?  Suse 12.3, gimp 2.8

Hey Helen,

You might want to try doing Layers > Autocrop Layer against the
layers with photos in them, before using a drop shadow plugin on
them.  That might do the trick.

Or make the shadows yourself - this would be my approach:

1.  Create a new transparent layer, move it below the two layers
with photos in them.

2.  Select one of the layers with a photo in your Layers dock, right
click the layer thumbnail and do "Alpha to selection"

3.  Select the new transparent layer, drag and drop to the main
canvas to fill the selection with black.

4.  Select the other layer with a photo, right click and do "Alpha
to selection" again.

5.  Select the new transparent layer, drag and drop to fill the 2nd
selection with black.

6.  Do Select > None (or control + alt + a) to clear the selection.

Your transparent layer now has two black rectangles, hidden under
the photos in the layers above.  Use the tool at Filters > Blur >
Gaussian Blur to soften the edges of the shadow rectangles, then
turn on the Move tool in your main toolbox and use the arrow keys on
your keyboard to tweak the location of the shadows.  Adjust the
shadow layer's transparency if required.



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