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> Subject: [Gimp-user] drop shadow
> I have an image with two rectangular photos, in separate layers.
> I want each photo to have a drop shadow.   No matter what I do,
> I keep getting the drop shadow applied to the entire image, not
> to the layers.  I've tried creating the drop shadow while on the
> individual layers, while on the background, I've tried it with
> layers selected -- regardless of what I do, the drop shadow
> keeps applying to the entire image.
> I used to know how to do this!
> Help?  Suse 12.3, gimp 2.8
> Thanks much

I'm curious how this is even happening in the first place, because from my 
experience the drop shadow uses, in order:

1 - If you have a selection, it creates a shadow based on the selection mask.
2 - Or, if your layer has an alpha channel, it uses that.
3 - Otherwise, it uses the entire current layer.

It's true that performing your own shadows is completely doable, but if it's 
something you do a lot then having an automated script/plug-in for it does save 
you a lot of work.  (Assuming it functions correctly, of course.)

Do you have screenshots of what your results are?  If it's creating a 
drop shadow around the entire image border then the most obvious problem would 
normally be not having the correct layer selected before executing it 
(or having layer boundaries extended to the whole image).

-- Stratadrake
Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.

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