On 06/08/2013 09:38 AM, Maurizio Loreti wrote:
This works for me (GIMP 2.8.4):
Menu windows -> dockable dialogs -> colors; select a yellow foreground color
File -> new; choose correct x-y values; Advanced options: Fill with ->
foreground color

This worked. In advanced options I found that I had the color space set to grayscale. I changed this to RGB and I now have my yellow background color.

Thanks for your help. Gary

Fuzzy select color tool; left click on the background to select it
Bucket fill tool; in the tool options: check fill with foreground color;
check fill whole selection

On Sat, Jun 8, 2013 at 2:56 PM, Gary Montalbine <gmontalb...@cox.net
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    I have an oval photo here:


    I am trying to get the white background changed to yellow to match
    the web page. I have followed the instructions in the GIMP manual
    for bucket fill, Foreground Select Tool, edit>fill with fg or bg
    color. Nothing works. The only color I can get is black when the
    fg/bg option is black. In the toolbox I have changed both fg and bg
    to yellow. Still no change. I would like to change a new canvas to
    the yellow bg color and then copy and paste my image onto it. How
    can I do this?
    Thanks, Gary
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