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> You must not use Audacity, then.

Yeah, well, you know how it is... I actually use Ardour for my audio
stuff. That's basically the reason I quitted the Audacity team a few
years ago after having been part of it for, ugh, 8 years? Something
like that, yes. But hey, I'm open to all new information about the
project's evolution.

So they merged saving and exporting?

> I happen to use it on a regular basis. All
> the project file does is point to all the wav's it creates as it records.
> Delete those wav's you lose your project. The .aup is just an xml file.

No, they didn't after all :)

You comment is rather irrelevant to the dicussion. Let me explain you why.

The controversy is about the fact that GIMP v2.8 doesn't allow to save
stuff back directly into the original PNG/JPEG/TIFF/whatever file and
only saves to XCF which is project data.

In terms of Audacity that would be like complaining that Audacity can
open MP3, but cannot save it back directly. Which is exactly what it
does: it tells you to export your stuff. That its project file is
XML-based is simply not the point.

And trust me, Audacity team used to be sweared at for this design
decision. With F-word, M-word, and an exciting variety of A-words.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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