Hello everyone, my name is André. You can call me Andy. I'm a huge fan of
the GIMP project. As I understand, this is a volunteered project. No ads,
no fees, all free. That is awesome. But I must say I'm not a fan of the
slow development (please don't confuse slow with great, I think GIMP is
fantastic). I strongly believe the GIMP project deserves more. All these
startups around, the apps, the services, the social media bandwagon and so
on, they all get a lot of funds, a lot of attention but the great majority
of them end up as failures (see: Diaspora, the social network bound to take
down Facebook and failed but received massive attention). GIMP is popular,
everyone knows about it, at least everyone looking for such a software. But
a lot of people consider a better option to pirate Photoshop or any other
software rather than try out and learn GIMP. I suppose its because GIMP is
not developed by a huge corporation like Adobe. But what about Aviary?
Instagram? Those companies started very small (well, more Aviary than
Instagram) and now they're up, running and blazing. So to the point, why
don't you guys make a move towards acquiring more funds and/or investments?
I'm willing to bet there are a few companies out there who would invest in
a free software such as GIMP to a level of competition against other
softwares. Who wouldn't? They did with Aviary. You get the funds to make
this a more progressive project and who knows? Maybe you wouldn't have to
volunteer to work on GIMP. Maybe GIMP development could be your actual,
paid, work (think of WordPress, the main developers dedicate their lives to
the project and the community still does volunteer work on it, and they
thank them in the updated version credits, volunteer work doesn't have to
disappear). I just want GIMP to be at a whole new level I just know it can
achieve. Maybe there is some part I'm missing, maybe you have already
received offers and turned down. I'd like to know more about this topic or
if you agree with me. Thank you all for reading.
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