Thanks so much Richard this was the biggest help and it did work I couldn't be 
any happier right now that has been killing me.

One more question if you don't mind. If I have a problem when trying to scale 
my image. I put all the images into a folder so that I can resize them all 
together. When I do that I see the yellow box on one of the layers not change 
size (it stays smaller than the image) and then the rest of the layers you 
can't even see the dotted yellow line (which I am assuming is symbolizing the 
canvas right?). How do I go about getting them to all size out the same so I 
can print them as PDFs to my desktop?

Also, What is a mask used for?

Thanks for your help it is much appreciated.



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> Subject: [Gimp-user] Fixing Deleted Left Behind Lines
> Dear Gimp,
> I absolutely love the program I am just trying to figure something out. When 
> I start a new project and I start editing the photo (i.e. drawing on it with 
> the paintbrush) I encounter a problem when I try to select certain colors and 
> delete. So lets say I have three colors in my image. I do a little drawing 
> and editing on my image and then I want each separate color to be a separate 
> layer. So I select two of the colors and delete them. Any things that isn't 
> that third color or where the two colors I deleted used to be now has these 
> "editing lines" is what I want to call them. You can see faint lines where I 
> had made slight changes to the image with lets say the paintbrush. HOW DO I 
> GET RID OF THOSE LINES? Some help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
> Thomas
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Most selection tools have an anti-aliasing feature which improves the visual 
quality of the selection's edge pixels, but it also means that if you're doing 
a cut and paste, there may be bits and traces of color left behind in areas 
that you would expect to have nothing left.  Try switching the selectors' 
antialising off and see if this improves your results.

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