On 08.07.13 at 11:53 PM Mike Wann wrote:
Let me apologize first for not knowing how to use "gimp-user-list" to
post. I am not sure I am doing it correctly (how do I access list?).
No need to apologize, you did nothing wrong.
You can access this list by subscribing it. To manage your account,
see the item 'List membership' in the footer.

On 09.07.13 at 07:21 AM Sam Gleske wrote:

You're right and usually this is the advice I (or we from the GIMP team)
give. Unfortunately the OS X build we usually recommend hasn't
released version 2.8.6 (yet) and all attempts to get the previous 2.8.4
build working with a manually installed help failed for me.

Did you grab the help files from here?

That is the sf.net repository of gimp.lisanet.de.  Inside that zip file is
an installer.pkg which I assume works along side the rest of the install.
It might work with the builds from gimp.lisanet.de. Surely it doesn't
work for me for instance with Clayton Walkers build.
The mentioned PKG file installs to '/Users/Shared/Library/Application\ Support/Gimp/help'. Even when setting the environment variable
GIMP2_HELP_URI=file:///Users/Shared/Library/Application Support/Gimp/help
it doesn't work. I set GIMP2_HELP_URI by editing
$HOME/MacOSX/environment.plist, logging off and on and starting the GIMP application icon.
GIMP tells me in the Preferences, that the help files are now found,
but calling the help with the built-in help browser results in the
error message
'The GIMP help browser is not available.
The GIMP help browser plug-in appears to be missing from your installation. You may instead use the web browser for reading the help pages.'

Trying to open the help with the web browser does nothing at all.

If I open the aforementioned URI in my browser directly, I see the
content of that directory.

Did you really get it running and if yes, how?

Clayton, can you please have a look on this when you're packaging GIMP 2.8.6 for OS X? Thank you.

Kind regards,


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