On Wed, 2013-07-10 at 22:07 +0800, minhsien0330 wrote:
> 1. When I type filename with the pen, the popout will bother me to use the
> virtual keyboard on screen.

You may want to drag the save-as window so it's under the virtual
keyboard on the screen, with the virtual keyboard at the top of the
screen, if that's possible.
> 2. I GUESS this " filename suggesting behavior" MAY make the Saving dialog
> has no response to the tablet pen.

Please don't guess :-) Does it have that effect or not? if it does,
please report a bug against the gtk+ library or the GNU/Linux™
distribution you are using.  Note that gimp 2.4.7 is fairly old now.

> Does anybody know how to remove it from the source code?

I think you'd need to compile your own libgtk+2 but I'm not sure; I
don't see anything obvious in the gtkfilechooser API to disable that

A workaround is to put a character such as Q at the start of the
filename until you've finished and then remove the Q at the end, but
this has the disadvantage that sometimes you'll forget to remove the
Q... or I would at least.


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