I'm running Gimp 2.8.4 on Ubuntu 13.04 Linux (64-bit) and I'm trying to
use the "Bevel and Emboss" layer effect on an image which I copied from
another image.  Here is what I've done:

 1. Loaded image 'A' into Gimp
 2. Selected a portion of it
 3. Used "<Image>/Edit/Copy" to copy the selection
 4. Used "<image>/Edit/Paste As/New image" to create a new image from
    the selection
 5. In the new window for the new image, "<image>/FX-Foundry/Layer
    effects/Bevel and Emboss"
 6. When the "Bevel and Emboss" window opens, I accept the defaults and
    click "Ok"

The filter starts to run and then stops with an error message.  Here is
the message I get:

------------  START  ------------------

Bevel and Emboss Message

Error while executing script-fu-layer-effects-bevel-and-emboss:

Error: ( : 1) Procedure execution of gimp-selection-layer-alpha failed
on invalid input arguments: Item 'Pasted Layer copy' (87) cannot be used
because it has not been added to an image

----------- END  --------------------

Any idea on what could be wrong?  Thanks!



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