> I hurriedly photographed the text in a greeting card and have uneven
> lighting
> and underexposure that I'd like to correct. Please see attachment, in
> which I've
> increased the brightness and contrast and then desaturated. This helps
> but it
> needs lots more!
> I've looked at tutorials on gradient contrast masks but I get lost
> part way
> through. Either I'm too much of a newbie to understand (highly
> probable) or
> maybe the tutorials are for older versions of GIMP. (I'm on 2.8.6 for
> Windows.)
> I am very grateful for any advice anyone would care to offer!!!

Use the Colors->Threshold tool

It maybe necessary to use the select tool and make various selections
and then apply the threshold tool to those selections

use a brush and paint white to clean up any odd spots

See http://members.pcug.org.au/~rcook/images/threshold.png as a quicky


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