On 07/20/2013 03:57 AM, billlee wrote:
I hurriedly photographed the text in a greeting card and have uneven lighting
and underexposure that I'd like to correct. Please see attachment, in which I've
increased the brightness and contrast and then desaturated. This helps but it
needs lots more!

It woud be easier for us to have the orjginal...

I've looked at tutorials on gradient contrast masks but I get lost part way
through. Either I'm too much of a newbie to understand (highly probable) or
maybe the tutorials are for older versions of GIMP. (I'm on 2.8.6 for Windows.)

I am very grateful for any advice anyone would care to offer!!!

Many techniques I have seen stat by duplicating the image then applying a very wide gaussian blur to it, then playing with layers mode between the to images: for instance, the blurred layer on top, in "divide" mode, makes the paper uniformly white.

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