On 07/29/2013 11:56 AM, Uniklaps wrote:
Win 7 64 bit


how can I use the bucket-fill option to fill an area surrounded by a dotted

The dotted line is a path; so if I use a line for the dots, the bucket-fill

But how can I step back after filling to change the path's line into dots

Other have answered about creating a selection form the path and filling the selection, preferably on a distinct layer.

But even if you had a continuous line the plain-bucket fill would not give the expected result. Used that way it either leaves a faint space along the line, or gives it a jagged edge. The reason is that the edge of the line is made of anti-aliasing pixels, that either have a color which is a blend of the line color and the background color, or are partially transparent if the line is on a transparent layer. Then the bucket-fill in 'normal' mode always either completely paints the pixels (jagged edge) or doesn't paint them at all (space) .

If the line is on a transparent layer you can use the bucket-fill in "behind" mode. In behind mode the painting only applies to whatever transparency is left in a pixel. If you produced the line from a path, make a selection from it and fill it. Otherwise, use the wand to make a rough selection on the background, then "grow" that selection to include the edge pixels of the line, then bucket-fill.
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