I have downloaded several iterations of Gimp 2.8, now up to 2.8.6, and all I
get is a blank screen with the menu bar at the top (and the Gimp logo in the
background).  I don't see any of the toolbars or control panels that all
tutorials show as being part of Gimp 2.8.  The only toolbar I can pull up is
the tall narrow one under tools that just has the basic functions of older
versions of Gimp.  Am I doing something wrong or is there some kind of block
on my computer?  I'm using Windows 7 64-bit OS.  I also have Adaptable Gimp
2.6.10 on my computer - could that be interfering with anything?  Thanks for
your help.  This is my first post on the list.  


Mike Armistead 

Fayetteville, NC

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