Hi mauricemaurice,

if this error happens with both versions, the cause is probably
in your system. You can try the following:
1. Remove or rename the folder /Users/$username/Library/Application Support/GIMP/2.8/ (for the 2.8.4 version. For the version from
gimp.lisanet.de check the location in GIMP/Preferences/Folders).
Restart or reinstall GIMP.
If that doesn't work:
2. Try Partha's GIMP build: www.partha.com
If that doesn't work:
3. It's perhaps a bug in OS X 10.8.4. An update to the latest
10.8.5 could perhaps fix it. The 10.8.5 version is expected
to be released the next days. I don't use OS X 10.8, so take this
advice without warranty, please ;-)

Kind regards,


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