I just noticed this kickstarter for FOSS APNG tools:

APNG is a format for making PNG animations, sort of like a "better
animated GIF", with 24-bit colour, real transparency, and possibility
for smaller file sizes with the same image.

They've reached their minimum goal, but not yet the following stretch

$12,500: GIMP implementation complete with a robust animation editor
         (that can hopefully be used for other animation formats in the
         future such as WebP).

They've got 10 days to go, and $3,710 left to be pledge, before they
have enough to make a GIMP implementation (I'm assuming as a plugin?).

(Also, for Inkscape people, they say at $32,000 they'll make "A keyframe
animation editor with basic tween animation features for Inkscape
complete with SVG+SMIL output and export to APNG".)

Kevin Brubeck Unhammer

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