On 18.09.2013 16:01, Simon Budig wrote:
> Shlomi Fish (shlo...@shlomifish.org) wrote:
>> can a list admin please disable sending the digest to
>> damon.matthew.wise.irel...@facebook.com ?
> On a slightly related note: is it possible to bounce all mails to the
> list containing "gimp-user-list Digest" in the subject?

We can try to switch to MIME digests instead of the plain text digests
we're using now.

Instead of a concatenated huge text mail, this will be one mail
containing the summary with all the individual messages attached. Any
reasonably complete mail application would make it rather easy for the
user to open those and reply to them just like any normal mail.

Most webmail frontends will most likely fail miserably.

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