Hi GIMP users,

Since I've started doing some communication anyway for my crowdfunding
(don't hesitate to have a look to the demo by the way, if you haven't
already! http://youtu.be/osSiETyae5c ), I might as well continue and
do some promotion for a comic project: http://zemarmot.net/

This is a naive story about a small Marmot travelling the world. We
only recently started the project so there are just a few pages.
And obviously it is drawn with GIMP.

I won't make other messages on the mailing list for each and every
update, because this list is not made for this (but I gather that one
single artwork-showing message is acceptable, if not every day). Hence
if anyone wants to follow, just grab the RSS feed (or my G+, as I may
start to use it a little more regularly now).
Thanks all, and enjoy!

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