On  12.10.2013 at 11:47 A.M., ugajin wrote:
> I am running Mac OSX v10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)

I wish to find a suitable (open source if possible) application to print high 
end image files.
I have both Gimp v2.8.4 and Scribus v1.4.3 installed, but I cannot find a way 
to apply output icc profiles for either of these applications.

In GIMP is see two ways:

Image/Mode/Convert to Color Profile... lets you apply a color profile
to your image (recalculates the color values of the pixels to make
the image look the same with the new profile, considering the
rendering intent). Note, that your image is connected to that color
profile then - to avoid restricting your possibilities you should
keep a device-independent color profile, like sRGB or AdobeRGB etc
and thus not overwrite your file with the converted version.

The safe way:
On OSX you can assign a color profile to your printer with ColorSync. It's shipped with OS X and you find it in Applications/Utilities.

After that in GIMP:
Normally this should be enough and after printing the file from GIMP
it should look as expected.

For soft proofing:
In the menu GIMP/Preferences/Color Management enter your profile in the
field 'Print Simulation Profile' and choose a suitable Softproof rendering intent. For softproofing on the screen go to 'View/Display filters...', add 'Color proof' to the right list. In the field 'Profile'
in the lower part of the dialog you can choose your printer profile
then and set a suitable Rendering intent. (Anyway I haven't seen
the values from the Preferences dialog used as default here - I don't
know whether this is intentional).

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