On 10/17/2013 10:50 AM, Jo Gandaa wrote:
> Hi Steve.
> Thank you for your reply. 
> I think my message may have been slightly misinterpreted.
> I am not only using GIMP because it is free. It is a great software package.

I got that, but I think some folks didn't.

> I have since been through your site and have found your tutorial very helpful.

Thanks!  Some of the things I recommend are very "non-standard,"
i.e. using one tool window only with a selection of frequently used
dockable dialogs open as tabs, adding toolbox buttons for frequently
used Colors tools removing buttons for tools I don't use, and
configuring the mouse wheel to scale and harden/soften brushes.

This is the result of my own "learn by doing" process, starting in
GIMP 1.x days:  Back then, layers were not yet a thing and there was
only one, much smaller toolbox.  One version at a time, I expanded
that setup to provide instant access to just the tools that I found
useful.  I think the result is a very good configuration for photo
editing and basic graphics creation.

> Having had prior experience myself, I found it very easy to take it. I was 
> wondering if you have heard from any one who was a total beginner and how 
> they managed with it.

Over the years I have introduced maybe a half dozen people to the
GIMP.  I helped them set up their first installation like the one
shown in my introductory article, and showed them how to do some
very basic editing, covering the specific tasks they needed a photo
editor for.  None of them have had any major problems; I do recall
getting a couple of questions related to making complex selections
and other "initially challenging" things, but they all learned
quickly and at least some of them are still using the GIMP, ten or
more years later.

> Also , have you come across any good tutorials that have helped you.

"Really Basic Photo Editing with the GIMP" by Matt McIrvin, now
available only at archive.org and mentioned in my introductory
article, is the best I have seen.  A link is near the bottom of the
page here:


There is an outstanding list of online resources in the first issue
of GIMP Magazine, also linked on my page.  Section 4 of the online
usre manual at gimp.org is an excellent read for beginner to
intermediate users.  And, finally, searching YouTube will often turn
up useful demonstrations for many editing tasks.

All of the above and a copy of the GIMP should enable students to do
lots of things on their own at home, once they have been
jump-started by demonstrations and exercises in the structured



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