13 янв. 2014 г. 23:48 пользователь "Gary Hunt" <garyhu...@cox.net> написал:
> Please help.  I'm new to GIMP and found where to download the HDR plugin
> GIMP 2.8.  However, when it comes to how to do some of these things I'm a
> complete idiot.  Not real good with computers for the most part so if I
> could get someone to provide me the step by step process to download and
> added to GIMP I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi Gary,

Your mail won't be complete without telling us which plugin exactly you
downloaded :) A link to the page you downloaded it from would help to give
a proper advice.

Also, being a smart pants, I can't help myself noticing that you seem to
have fallen into the trap of oversimplistic HDR definition :)

Strictly speaking, true HDR is impossible in GIMP until version 2.10 is out
with high bit depth support. What you are really trying to do is merging
exposures to make both dark and light parts appears distinguishable enough
in a single picture.

Depending on your operating sysem of choice, source file format (jpeg,
tiff, various raw formats), and the way you take different exposures
(shooting several pictures from tripod, manually adjusting brightness of a
single jpeg picture) there could be better ways to do what you aim to do
than using any plugin for GIMP that claims to do HDR (which it really

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