I'm enjoying GIMP for some time. For some time I use it for editing BMP images
with alpha channel. These images are standard under Windows CE. Many GPS
Navigation programs use it.
GIMP version 8.2.6 was able to recognize such images and I was able to export As
A8. These were perfectly compatible with Windows CE 5 and 6, as long as checked
"do not write color space information". When not checked, image was shifted.
GIMP 8.2.10 cannot recognize alpha channel in BMP. In addition, when proper
image is exported as BMP alpha, it's not readable by Windows CE.
Please fix this. Please return to 8.2.6 release that handled such images
properly. If you could make GIMP to remember latest status of "do not write
color space information" after exit, that would be nice.
Maybe, introduction of Windows CE compatibility setup feature can be considered.
Thanks for great work on this project.

And "Captcha" is insanely annoying :(

Jerry (via
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