I suggest you have a look at what Rolf did getting a profile specific to the 


> What I don't understand is this:
> I have physical prints from cone color on Epson premium glossy photo paper,
> printed with conecolor k3 inks which were designed specifically to be a 
> very close match for epson ultrachrome k3 inks.
> Regardless of what the image looks like on screen,
> if I import the image and keep its embedded profile,
> then print it using the appropriate profile for the printer + paper + ink,
> I should get an image that closely matches the professionally supplied
> one.
> I'm not; it's got too much yellow in the skin tones.
> In the gutenprint print dialog, under the "Output" tab, by default it has
> the following settings:
>   Color Correction:  Default
>   Image Type:        Mixed Text and Graphics
> I set Image Type to "Photograph", but left Color Correction alone.
> If I set Color Correction to "High Accuracy" I see no difference.
> Gary

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