Phillip Susi ( wrote:
> In the future though, when replying to discussions on public mailing
> lists, please use your mail client's reply-to-all function.  I am not
> subscribed to this mailing list so I did not get your reply until I
> decided to check the archives, which do not provide the full headers
> so this reply is now part of a broken thread, and the archive also
> annoyingly obscures email addresses, making crafting this reply a pain.

Sorry, I won't change that. I don't want to encourage that a public
mailinglist gets used as a substitute for a support mail address. If
someone asks for help on this list I'll assume that they want to
participate. Personally receiving doubled mails in my inbox (because I
*do* subscribe to lists) annoys me.

I see that there are mailinglists where the sheer volume of mail can be
prohibitive for this - and this is a good reason to use extensive CCing
(see linux kernel lists), but gimp-user is not among these.

CC'ing you for obvious reasons, but won't change my behaviour here  :)


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