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> Hi guys my names Alex, just looking for a bit of advice...

Hi Alex,

I used to have a few templates that I worked from before esp when designing
a CD label. There are a few ways to do it, though the simplest I can think
of is to print these at a copy shop like kinko's or whatever print on demand
(digital printers) outlet you have in your area, you could speak to them
about printing your labels on a label paper designed specifically for the
purpose of printing CD labels. They'd supply you with the dimensions you
need or you could get them from
or even at
 these labels are in word format but you can open them up in Word or Libre
Office and saving as a pdf you can open in GIMP. If you're on linux you can
use GIMP coupled with gLabels  if on Windows
or Mac a web search should get you on your way. There are tons of them. 

> Im using Gimp 2.8 and im looking to make CD labels that i can stick onto a
> circular CD, the thing is i cant find a template in my GIMP software. Has
anyone  got any tutorials and how do do this, do i need to import a template
or > something?

I'ma be quite honest, this is info that you'd be able to get on a simple web
search, that said, I hope this has helped you out tho :)

> Many thanks Alex

Take Care

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