Alexmac writes:
> Im using Gimp 2.8 and im looking to make CD labels that i can stick onto a
> circular CD, the thing is i cant find a template in my GIMP software. Has 
> anyone
> got any tutorials and how do do this, do i need to import a template or
> something?

I used to do a lot of that, and wrote some scripts to help with it:
and a more general version that uses the glabels database to
generate templates from Avery or similar label codes:

Disclaimer: You may get deprecation warnings or other problems --
I haven't used these scripts in years, partly because I stopped using
CD labels after I lost some important backup data due to trusting
labeled CDs (turns out the adhesive on CD labels makes the CD
degrade faster, and I had CDs less than two years old which were
completely unreadable) and partly because GIMP's current print
plug-in and my HP printer don't cooperate very well on alignment.

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