On 03/16/2014 07:43 AM, Randhir Phagura wrote:
Ofnuts wrote on 15 Mar 2014:

This is awfully complicated for a very simple need: set the brush size
to the size the brush was meant to be used with.
The funny thing is that it's already there: there is a call in the PDB
for this: gimp_context_set_brush_default_size()
(gimp-context-set-brush-default-size for the Scheme addicts), so it's a
simple matter to make a trivial script around it and assign to a shortcut.
You can download it here;


Speaking of keyboard shortcuts, there is a "Set brush size to default
value"/"tools-paint-brush-size-set-to-default" that looked like it would
do the above, but as far as I can tell it only sets the brush to size
saved in the Tool options.
Thanks a lot. I have added your script to 'plug-ins' sub-directory of my
profile as given by your installation instructions at the web-site and made
the script executable (711). But how do I use it? I am afraid, i am not an
expert. I just have a working knowledge of GIMP and linux. I use these as
vehicles for my books. Could you please take a little time out from your
busy schedule to explain the nitty-gritties how the scripts should be used.
Also please illustrate or otherwise explain the technique "Set brush size
to default
Thanks & Regards,

Technically, the script creates an entry in the menu of the "Brushes" dialog, but it's not really designed to be used from a menu.

What you do is:

1) check that the script is installed: >Help>Plugin browser and search "native", this should show "Brush size to native"

2) >Edit>Keyboard shortcuts, search "native" and assign a keyboard shortcut.

Then when you want the current brush at its native size, just hit the key you defined.

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