Richard wrote on 10 Mar 2014 18:16:50 +0530:

>scl has already touched upon it somewhat, but one of the large design
changes in recent >GIMPs is that brush size is now a tool setting instead
of a brush setting - so instead of having >a set of 3/5/7/9/11/etc. sized
brushes (being otherwise identical in settings) you have one >brush (with a
specific shape/hardness/angle/etc) and you set the size directly using the
slider >in the tool's options.  You can still create various sized brushes
(as previous versions did) but >then any time you change a brush you'll
need to verify the brush size prior to using it (the >slider has a reset
button next to it for this purpose).

Thanks Richard; But is there a way, in this edition of GIMP, to set the
size of a particular brush and then save it so that it reproduces the same
size that was set and saved, next time that i start GIMP?

Thanks and Regards,

Randhir Phagura
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