On 03/29/14 18:18, akovia wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 29, 2014, at 07:48 PM, Gary Aitken wrote:
>> Is there a way to flip / rotate a path the way you can a layer or image?
>> I need to make a path and then generate a mirror image of it.

> You can use all the same tools but you have to tell it you are working
> with a path instead of a layer or selection in the tool options.
> These are the top 3 icons in the tool options beside the word
> "Transform:
> It has Layer selected by default.


> The only trick is if you want to transform just the path instead of the
> entire layer. To do so you must use the path to selection option before
> applying the transformation.

That turns out not to be the case.  If you select a path, then select the 
transform tool and select the path icon for what to "Affect", it applies 
only to the selected path.

You don't want to transform a path to a selection and then transform back
because you can get a lot of additional points on the path.
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