So, I uninstalled gimp 2.9 and reinstalled it.  That seems to have solved the
Do not understand what caused the problem, but really am not that interested to
know why.
I will say this:  Having a version of Gimp (albeit a somewhat slow version) that
can deal with higher bit images is a pleasure.  It's not that I am so mindful
(mentally or visually) of the visual benefits, but I shoot in RAW, use any of
the several RAW converters to convert to TIF (or, in the case of my film images,
scan them to 16-bit tifs).

Being able to open them in Gimp without converting to 8-bits just feels so much

One issue that stumps me:  re precision, should I use linear or gammp, 15, 32,
or 64 bits?  Curious as to what you recommend.

Otherwise, enjoying my 2.9 experience.

Thanks for any tips.


>. . . from Ubuntu, that is.
>This is about the development version of Gimp 2.9.1, so if this post
>belongs somewhere else, please so inform me and feel free to move it
>(but please let me know where it went, LOL).
>I right-click on a .tif file (scanned from film), and can open it with
>any Linux viewer or photo-editing applicatiion (I have Gimp, of
>course, Lightzone, Darktable, PhotoSpot, Irfanview under wine, etc.).
>If I open the file with Gimp, I can edit the file, but if I export it
>as a tif, the file reports as invalid to all my Linux applications.
>I can boot into Win7 and open it with any application there, including
>Gimp 2.9.
>Boot back into Ubuntu, and the file is still invalid.  I have tried
>this on several files, result is always the same.
>What could possibly be going on?
>I know this is a development version of Gimp, so I am not complaining,
>and, especially, since the files remain viable in Win7, then, I have a
>hunch they are not actually damaged.
>I am a software consumer (perhaps with an addiction problem), but have
>no feel for programing, so can only be grateful for the wonderful age
>of nearly unlimited sources of great software from which to choose,
>Gimp being one of my favorites.
>Thanks in advance for any advice.

Carusoswi (via
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