>This is a general thing about doing text and perhaps doing it better.
>I'm not really after glamorous or super way out stuff. Just simple but
>good looking text that is both readable and easy on the eye. So, after
>using PS CS4 for 3 years and recently losing my hard drive, I had to
>and I'm glad by the way I did, down load Gimp. But here is the thing,
>not matter what I try I simply cannot achieve something that looks
>nice. The first attachment is my 4th attempt with gimp. The ones after
>that are some I did in PS so you can see what I mean.
>The procedure I normally did after writing the text was to go to
>Layer/Style and then you would have several options, like drop shadow,
>etc etc. I did find drop shadow with the Gimp but it didn't seem to

Try LayerFX.py from
http://gimpscripts.com/2011/10/gimp-layer-effects/#wpfb-file-35 Download the one
in the mirror. After opening the zip, place the file in your plugins folder: 
user/.gimp-2.8/plugins. Have a good day

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