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This is a general thing about doing text and perhaps doing it better.
I'm not really after glamorous or super way out stuff. Just simple but
good looking text that is both readable and easy on the eye. So, after
using PS CS4 for 3 years and recently losing my hard drive, I had to
and I'm glad by the way I did, down load Gimp. But here is the thing,
not matter what I try I simply cannot achieve something that looks
nice. The first attachment is my 4th attempt with gimp. The ones after
that are some I did in PS so you can see what I mean.

The procedure I normally did after writing the text was to go to
Layer/Style and then you would have several options, like drop shadow,
etc etc. I did find drop shadow with the Gimp but it didn't seem to

Try LayerFX.py from
http://gimpscripts.com/2011/10/gimp-layer-effects/#wpfb-file-35 Download the one
in the mirror. After opening the zip, place the file in your plugins folder:
user/.gimp-2.8/plugins. Have a good day

Simple text effects done by hand:

To make a drop shadow under text, duplicate your text layer and change the color of the lower copy to the color you want your shadow to be - drag and drop from the Foreground / Background color tool. Activate the Move tool and use the arrow keys to move the lower layer into view as the shadow. For a more realistic blurry shadow, right click on the shadow layer's thumbnail in the layers dialog and select 'discard text information', then use Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur.

To put a clean, hard outline around text, duplicate your text layer and select the lower copy. Right click on the lower layer's thumbnail in the layers dialog and select 'alpha to selection.' In the Paths dialog, use the button for 'selection to path.' Go to the image window and do 'Select > None.' Back in the paths dialog, use the Stroke Path tool to draw your outline; tweak the thickness and style of the line as required in the Stroke Path dialog.

There's also a bunch of automagic Script Fu effects for text, i.e. Filters > Alpha To Logo. http://docs.gimp.org/en/filters-alpha-to-logo.html



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