The brush takes the color of the foreground color which can be set up
via the swatches

The opacity for the brush is in the Brush Tool Options


> I use Gimp in my photography.  Until now, that's all I have used it
> for.
> Today, I came across a text document in pdf format, and it is probably
> protected
> in some way such that my pdf reader cannot highlight anything.
> Since it is important that I highlight this document in order to make
> use of it,
> I figured I would open it in Gimp, export as tiff, at which point, I
> should be
> able to open the tiff file and paint with a semi-transparent brush to
> highlight
> sections of text as necessary.
> Unfortunately, search though I may, I cannot find in Gimp where one
> selects or
> changes the brush color.
> I've searched online, and most subjects that come up have to do with
> how to make
> brushes.  I don't need to design a brush.  I just want to bring up a
> palette
> that will allow me to paint over the drawing with a red brush, or
> yellow, etc.
> I even opened one of my color photos thinking that there might be a
> problem with
> the tiff that I had created, but I cannot find any dialog box that
> deals with
> the brush color attribute.
> I'm certain the answer is before my eyes, but they are not finding it
> for me.
> Advice would be most welcome.
> Caruso


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