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Have you ever seen a professional photographer take their logo and "ghost" it, 
then place it on one of their photos so no one will steal their photos off the net?

I have a logo in various formats, including png,  and want to place our logo on 
some of my pictures which are in a jpeg format..  I am not sure of the 
percentage, but I am guessing maybe 10% of the total.  Is this possible with 




This is quite easy to do in Gimp using manual methods, but if you have more than a few to do, then I use Imagemagick http://www.imagemagick.org/ and create a script that does this.

Using the Imagemagick methods and other scripting techniques (perhaps Perl with the Imagemagick Perl module) one can, for example, vary the size of the watermark based on the size of the underlying image.

I used to use these Imagemagick/scripting techniques to create JPEGs (in four different sizes of each, with the four resulting sizes constrained by the original size based on some very complex logic) and add watermark to _tens of thousands_ of original TIFF files (leaving the TIFF files unchanged, unwatermarked so that they are available to me for other uses).

It is very powerful stuff, but it can take a bit of work to learn.

Jay Smith
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