>There is no such file... The menu system in Gimp is fairly dynamic due
>to the pervasiveness of scripts and plug-ins. Each script/plug-in,
>registering, tells Gimp where it wants to show up in the menus. So in 
>the end you have a mix of entries for Gimp built-in functionality,
>"standard plug-ins", and any script/plug-in that the user added.

Thanks for quick reply. Can you tell me a file  location where such plugin
registry take place? and what about other menuitems for example items under File
menu and Image menu? I have another question that is when registering take
place, it stores in global_menu_factory (app/menus.c) but I didn't get the
definition of  global_menu_factory. If you know what it is can you explain?

thanks in advance.

chAms (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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