I'm looking for an efficient command line method to add header text into fax documents.

This can be done with ImageMagick, but it's painfully slow and uses far too much memory if it's a large fax (tens or hundreds of pages). I'm wondering if GIMP script mode might help. My immediate impression is that GIMP is not a good tool for the job.

The problems I see are:

1. The FAQ says that the image type for TIFF must be RGB, but fax is monochrome. 2. The faxg3 and tiff functions to load and save do not offer an obvious way to handle 1 page at a time and the memory requirement to load hundreds of pages would be excessive. 3. Although group 3 compression is supported there is no obvious way to save an image as black and white.

I'm not familiar with GIMP, so it may be that I just haven't found the right functions. Can it handle monochrome, multi-page fax and do so efficiently?

Neil Youngman
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